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A-HD A-HD Powder Aromavex Deprogen ARS
List Price: $56.99
Our Price: $34.99
You save $22.00!
List Price: $56.99
Our Price: $34.99
You save $22.00!
List Price: $59.99
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List Price: $59.99
Our Price: $35.99
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BPI Sports A-HD BPI Sports Powder BSN Aromavex Betancourt Nutrition Deprogen ARS
Ultra-Concentrated Testosterone Booster
Have you ever heard the expressions: "Holding too much water?" "Not dry enough?" "Too bloated, and not lean enough?" Yeah, I thought so. Sounds like someone pointing out the obvious—with no solution in sight. This was just a nice way of "saying you're not in the best shape." This is why A-HD is a must-have for anyone looking to be in the best shape.

Let's see if I can give you a visual on the desired effects of the A-HD; program. Imagine, if you will, sitting in a sauna with a towel wrapped around your neck... getting out when you've had enough... and, wrenching every bit of water out of that towel. This example may be a bit extreme, but it absolutely draws a masterful picture of what A-HD is designed to do by taking aromatization head-on (a technical term for the undesirable effects of increased hormone levels).
BSN continues to innovate and expand its product line with the introduction of Aromavex. Intended to complement testosterone support supplements like BSN's EvoTest, Aromavex offers crucial hormonal support and is an important addition to any man's supplement regimen.

• BSN's First Concentrated Hormonal Support Supplement
• Pair with EvoTest or HyperFX
• Full 3-Week Supply in Each Bottle

Aromavex represents new territory for BSN®, as it's the company's first concentrated hormonal support supplement. With the release of EvoTest, BSN offered athletes a new, cutting-edge kind of testosterone support supplement, leading the company's innovative Research & Development team to create a sister product that could ensure crucial hormone support during or after completion of a testosterone support supplement regimen.

The Aromavex formula is based on ingredients such as calcium-d-glucarate and vitamin D as well as a number of innovative botanical extracts. The result is efficient, useful hormone support that allows the body to transition smoothly back to its normal state. For any athlete taking a testosterone support supplement, Aromavex is an important component of an effective supplementation plan.

Betacourt Nutrition's Deprogen ARS (anti-aromatase) is designed for athletes/bodybuilders at the highest level of competition who must maintain healthy hormone levels as they undergo metabolic stress from strenuous exercise. Deprogen ARS is also effective for athletes looking to modulate hormone levels after competitions or periods of intense training. The ingredients used in Deprogen ARS are based on human studies that are all as recent as 2007. 7 methxyflavanone – flavones have shown aromatase inhibition for years in research. The methylated flavones have shown to be more bio available. Boron-free testosterone increased in humans after boron supplementation. Indole 3 carbinol- reduces estrogen levels in humans. Di-indolyl methane-metabolizes estrogen in humans.
Reversitol V2
List Price: $64.99
Our Price: $32.99
You save $32.00!
iForce Reversitol V2
Reverstiol V2: A New Generation of Hormonal Optimization

Reversitol V2 has quickly set the standard in natural hormonal modulation. Athletes across the world supplement their diets with Reversitol V2, which may promote peak hormonal production for increased performance, muscle mass, and strength. Supplementing your diet with Reversitol V2 may promote complete optimization of key anabolic and anti-catabolic hormones, while controlling hormones that can hinder your gains and reduce your body’s anabolic potential.

Specifically Engineered for Extreme Growth

By shifting the production of key anabolic hormones Testosterone, Estrogen, and Cortisol, your body will be primed to increase cellular hypertrophy as well as quickly increase strength adaptations. This will result in faster gains in lean muscle mass. If you are ready to dramatically improve your muscle mass and strength, it’s time you used a hormonal modulator that's second to none. Reversitol V2 supplementation is the answer to unlocking your maximum potential!

Harness the power of Reversitol V2

Controlling the body's enzymes are key to creating an anabolic environment that promotes muscle growth. These enzymatic effects are measured by what is called a Ki Value. This Ki value directly measures the changes in the expression of a given enzyme. By analyzing the changes in Ki Values, it’s easy to see how effective a given compound is at controlling, reducing, or increasing the expression of an enzyme. In our case we are concerned with the aromatase enzyme. This enzyme controls the creation of estrogen metabolites that can decrease muscle mass and increase fat storage. Reversitol V2 crushes the competition, promoting an enzymatic avalanche that sets your body's hormonal response into overdrive by jacking up testosterone levels and promoting the reduction of aromatase expression.

Modulate the Cytochrome P-450 Enzyme for Maximum Growth!

This is the cornerstone of Reversitol V2 anti-aromatase promoting activity. iForce is the first company to bring this potent natural extract to market, giving users a compound that that has been clinically demonstrated to block estrogen production at the source, the Cytochrome P-450 aromatase enzyme! By selectively reducing the expression of this enzyme, bad estrogen production will slow and testosterone levels will be driven through the roof! Clinical studies on this key compound have proven its potency, demonstrating its ability to block estrogen production at the source before it can sabotage your gains.

Rock Hard Muscle Fullness

By optimizing hormonal output, you will quickly begin to notice a dramatic rise in muscle fullness as well as muscle separation. This is because supplementing your diet with Reversitol V2 promotes your body’s ability to reduce subcutaneous water stores, giving your muscles increased definition as well as increased fullness and vascularity. This will quickly and completely change your overall look in favor of the hard, lean, dry physique that you strive to achieve.

2-Hydroxylation Maximizes Joint Health And Libido!

Your body operates on several different types of estrogen metabolites. Some of these metabolites are great for keeping your joint health and libido in full swing, while others promote fat gain, water weight, and reduced testosterone levels. By regulating a specific pathway called 2 Hydroxylation the body can preferentially shift the production of estrogen to its beneficial metabolites that will keep your joints lubricated and your sex drive in full force. Now you don’t need to worry about compromising your gains in the gym for joint aches and low libido that is common with other products.

Supplementing with Reversitol V2 may promote your body’s ability to:

• Jack up Testosterone production for immediate gains in size and strength
• Modulate Estrogen for rock hard muscle fullness
• Maximize Joint Health and Libido while rapidly gaining lean body mass

Don’t Settle for Anything Less than the Gold Standard in Anabolic Hormonal Optimization!