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Mindset OnPoint VICI
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Haleo Mindset Haleo OnPoint Haleo VICI

The potential to realize greatness exists in us all. We have the unlimited ability to imagine, create and achieve anything we want in life and it all starts in our mind. At HALEO, we believe our minds are our most precious asset but is often overlooked in nutritional support practices. We tend to eat and supplement for our body, muscles, bones but do not give equal credit to our minds.

However, we have days that can be best described as being "ON". You feel energetic, your head is clear, your words are articulate and confidence high. Those days when you breeze through training, sales, public speaking, every task seems easy.

Wouldn't it be great to be ON at all times?

We would, and that is the challenge our R&D team set out to accomplish by the use of specific nutrients. And, according to a university pilot study, we did it. We call it Mindset, a supplement that can support focus, alertness, clarity and confidence, whenever you need it.

The Concept

As athletes and businessmen, we at HALEO appreciate foods and nutrition that helps us feel energized and alert.

The first choice is caffeine, likely the most effective nutrient and definitely most popular.

However, we wanted to create an effective, caffeine-free alternative because too much caffeine can cause side effects such as sleep deprivation, adrenal fatigue and the so-called "jitters".

Too much caffeine can also cause overstimulation, negatively affecting sports that require calm and cool actions such as golf, etc.

Our challenge was to come up with a formula of evidence based ingredients that not only help to enhance alertness, focus and motivation, but also promote the feeling of calmness, something that is nearly impossible to achieve with the use of caffeine.*

After many months of trial and error, the HALEO R&D team found a formula that we all loved.

It made us feel great, seemingly able to work out and do deskwork with laser focus.* However, knowing we are biased, we turned the Mindset formula over to researchers to learn more about its powerful effects.

The Driving Force

1. Optimized Neurotransmitter Function
  • Tyrosine (1000mg per serving) - used to produce dopamine, norepinephrine, epinephrine
  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine (1000mg per serving) - boosts acetylcholine levels
  • Alpha-GPC (300mg per serving) - most powerful choline donor for increased acetylcholine

2. Optimized Blood Flow and Oxygen to Brain*

  • Ginkgo Biloba (120mg per serving) - improves blood flow, oxygen and nutrient delivery to the brain
  • Theobromine (50mg per serving) - a vasodilator from cacao that improves blood flow and oxygen uptake

3. Key Vitamins to Support Alertness and Energy and Reduce Fatigue

  • Thiamin (B1): 1.5mg (100% DV)
  • Niacin (B3): 20mg (100% DV)
  • Pantothenic Acid (B5): 6mg (60% DV)
  • Folic Acid (B9): 200µg (50% DV)
  • Vitamin B12: 250µg (4,167% DV)

4. Antioxidants to Support Brain Protection and Promote Long-Term Brain Health

  • Bacopa monnieri, (300mg per serving) - Adaptogenic herb that balances antioxidant response in the brain*
  • Blueberry extract (50 mg per serving) - supports neuronal signaling in brain centers mediating memory and offering neuroprotection*

5. Calm, Cool and Collected without grogginess

  • L-Theanine (50mg per serving) an amino acid found in green tea leaves that supports mental regeneration and reduces mental stress by relaxing high frequency brain waves

  • Picamilon (50mg per serving) improves nervous control, blood pressure and memory by normalizing the gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA) system
OnPoint – The Smart Fat Burner

As with all HALEO supplements, we believe in smart supplementation.

We use no harsh, dangerous chemicals - just the best fat burning and health enhancing nutrients mother nature provides. We back our commitment to true, safe, and pure ingredients by third party testing to prove every HALEO supplement meets our label claims. Lastly, our products are tested according to a world leading anti-doping protocol to ensure they are free of banned substance contamination and safe for professional athletes.

OnPoint- How it helps your diet:

Formulated with research-supported ingredients at proper doses, OnPoint works by:

• Increasing the release of the exercise-mimicking hormone, Irisin
• Providing a smooth and clean energy boost with NO crash and NO jitters
• Increasing metabolism and overall calorie expenditure
• Supporting a healthy appetite
• Promoting overall health
• Supporting healthy blood sugar levels

OnPoint’s multi-faceted approach, helps you get lean, fit, & confident, and is packed with antioxidants to keep you healthy and ageless. OnPoint by HALEO – truly, the Smart Fat Burner.

We hope that On Point helps you achieve the best shape of your life, as much as it has helped us.


Joey Rodrigues and David Halton

HALEO Founders

On Point - Scientific Overview:

Irithin Key Facts:

• IriThin contains PQQ (Pyrroloquinoline quinone) a normal component of foods such as fermented soy bean with nutrient and vitamin-like effects.
• IriThin is linked to increased production of the newly identified master hormone, Irisin
• IriThin promotes mitochondrial growth, enhances mitochondrial function, increases antioxidant protection while reducing inflammation and cellular damage.
• Irisin ‘mimics’ the biological adaptations associated with exercise and is associated with increases in lean body mass and fat oxidation, with reduced body fat and appetite.
• The benefits of IriThin on mitochondrial function, muscle mass and fat oxidation; make IriThin the perfect supplement for sports performance and the promotion of fat burning.

PQQ has been subject of exciting new research findings. Initial investigations using animals showed incredible effects on metabolism, which more recently have been replicated in humans. A wealth of data now demonstrates the importance and benefits of PQQ, which provides nutrient and vitamin-like effects in the body. One of the processes improved by PQQ supplementation is the number and function of mitochondria. Mitochondria form the powerhouse of body cells and are responsible for burning carbohydrate and fat for energy.

PQQ: Natural & Safe

PQQ is completely natural and is found in range of foods, with the highest concentrations in fermented soybeans and its natural presence in the diet suggests the risk of toxicity is low. Placebo controlled safety studies in humans showed the consumption of PQQ at 20mg and 60mg per day was safe.

IRISIN: Activating nature’s metabolic master switch.

Early studies on PQQ administration demonstrated a role in mitochondrial growth and function, however when it was found PQQ supplementation affected several regulatory pathways associated with exercise, it’s potential for fat loss first recognized. PQQ acts as a cellular messenger mimicking some of the most fundamental effects of exercise, ultimately increasing the body’s natural production of the hormone Irisin. In humans this can be considered one of the most important effects of physical activity, as circulating Irisin levels are negatively correlated with age, insulin, cholesterol, and adiponectin and positively correlated with fat free mass and ghrelin.

Based on these observations increasing Irisin levels would increase energy expenditure by increasing lean body mass, increase the ability to burn fat by reducing insulin levels and reduce the risk of overeating by increasing ghrelin levels. Experts in the fat loss field universally recognize that these effects (associated with increased circulating Irisin) provide the energetic basis for safe, effective and sustained fat loss.

IriThin- The Future of Safe and Natural Ergogenic Supplement:

The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects of PQQ suggest health benefits in conditions associated with the overproduction of free radicals and excessive inflammation. The proven importance of PQQ for enhancing mitochondrial function is already creating a huge surge in interest for fat loss and anti aging supplements. PQQs effects on a cascade of biochemical pathways also provides the potential to increase exercise performance. It has already been shown that human muscle Irisin expression correlates with aerobic performance. These preliminary observations, coupled with irisin’s positive association with lean body mass, make PQQ an ideal supplement for both endurance and strength-trained athletes.

Capsimax Key Facts:

• Minimizes Appetite
• Stimulates an increase in energy expenditure/thermogenisis
• Increases Lypolysis - the mobilization of fat into circulation for use as a fuel source.
• Features an award winning beadlet technology allowing for consumption of red hot peppers and their actives without the GI distress or discomfort from red hot pepper consumption

For decades, scientists have known about the weight-management and sports nutrition properties of Red Hot Peppers, also known as capsicum. Capsaicinoids are a group of compounds which cause the "heat" found in red hot peppers. In fact, over the past 30 years studies including animal an human subjects prove the enormous potential of red hot peppers and capsaicinoids as a safe, effect ingredient to support weight management and sports nutrition.

Capsimax is an awarding winning ingredient by OmniActive Health Technologies. While research backing the use of capsaicinoids as an effective tool in weight management is substantial, the problem thus far has been in compliance. Consuming beneficial levels of hot peppers can cause oral and gastric irritation, therefore, compliance with capsicum-based diet management has been poor so far.

OmniActive Health Technologies has developed a patent-pending encapsulated form of premium, highly concentrated natural capsicum extract-Capsimax. Using a proprietary matrix of expedients, Capsimax capsicum extract provides the maximum effectiveness of capsaicinoids without any oral or gastric irritation.

Breakthrough Beadlet Technology

Green Coffee Bean Key Facts:

• High in chlorogenic Acid
• Slows glucose formation in the liver
• Regulates blood sugar
• May Support a healthy metabolism

Green Coffee Beans are coffee beans that have not yet been roasted. In its natural raw non roasted state, Green Coffee Beans are high in chlorogenic acid, a powerful antioxidant and ingredient that supports weight loss. For weight loss, chlorogenic acid in green coffee is thought to affect how the body handles blood sugar and metabolism.

Green Tea Extract Key Facts:

• Provides Antioxidant Support
• High in EGCG active catechin shown to support thermogenis
• Anti-hypertensive support
• Safe and effect

An abundance of research has confirmed that Green Tea can cause weight loss through multiple ways and support overall health. Green Tea has been shown to be an effective appetite suppressant and to increase thermogenesis. Green Tea effects on body weight and energy expenditure were examined in a study that reported that 24-h energy expenditure (EE) and fat oxidation increased in healthy, young men who consumed 270 mg a day of EGCG, the most active catechin in Green Tea. It was concluded that Green Tea Polyphenols, especially EGCG stimulate thermogenesis and fat oxidation. A synergistic effect of EGCG and caffeine may be responsible for enhancing thermogenesis and fat oxidation. Additionally the catechins, found in Green Tea are known to possess potent antioxidant activity by protecting the body from the damaging effects of oxidative damage from free radicals.

Caffeine Key Facts:

• Provides a energy boost
• Helps with focus
• Supports fat loss in combination with other ingredients

A natural stimulant, caffeine is also extremely well-documented to possess thermogenic and appetite-suppressive qualities. Caffeine is widely used for its ability to provide energy levels and has been shown to increase reaction time and enhance athletic performance.
Promotes Strength, Power, & Endurance!