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Titan Nutrition Kre-Ex
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Kre-Ex: Ultra Energizing Pre-Workout Pump

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The Best Just Got Better!

Kre-Ex has always been the flag ship of Titan Nutrition. Since the first powerful and results proven formula it has been improved time and again with the latest technologies and ingredients, always setting a new bar for what our customers expect in a pre-workout formula.

Whats New…

This all new Kre-Ex formula is truly the Titan of pre-workouts. At Titan Nutrition we take your results very seriously. We have added a full 2 grams of Magna Power Creatine for a total of 5 grams! For the most extreme pump you’ve ever experienced the “Pump Fusion” now has a full 1g of GPLC, added 500mg of Glycerol, added 150mg of Citruline malate, and added 50mg of L-Norvaline.

Next we increased the BCAA’s to 3.2 grams with 1,600mg of L-Leucine!

For antioxidant support Kre-Ex now contains 100% RDA of Vitamin C. For the ultimate focus and energy we went all natural adding Yerba Mate extract, ginseng, and Vitamin B12.

We set out with a mission to supply your workout with raw ingredients scientifically proven to:

Increase Strength
Increase Energy and Focus (without the jitters)
Speed Recovery
Amplify Blood Flow
Enhance Cell Oxygenation
Create an anabolic environment when training

Stop wasting your dollars on “cheap” formulas that make promises that are too good to be true and leave you still looking for the “next big thing.” Too many formulas out there are no more than caffeine and Kool aid, they taste good and give you a buzz but where are the results? Kre-Ex is a result driven formula, no junk, no hype, no expense spared!

Kre-Ex combines the following factors to enhance every rep of your workout.

Magna Power Creatine is a powerful molecularly bonded creatine and magnesium supplement. Magnesium is an essential mineral in the production of ATP. Magna Power Creatine directly supplies the required magnesium atoms needed to transform ADP to the energy super fuel ATP.

Magna Power Creatine has also been shown to increase intracellular water, which can lead to higher degrees of protein syntheses within skeletal muscle.

Most Creatine formulas are broken down to creatinine, (an undesirable byproduct of creatine production) in the stomach acids and are never used for ATP production.

Kre-Ex Creatine fusion ensures that your pre-workout creatine is absorbed quickly and in the intestinal track where your body is supposed to absorb its nutrients.

Sodium Bicarbonate aids in the absorption of nutrients buffering the acidity of stomach acids. It has also been found to increase endurance by balancing and maintain the correct acid/alkaline in our muscles.

Kre-Ex Power Pump Fusion:
Power Pump fusion is a serious hemodilation heavyweight combining L-Arginine AKG, GPLC, Glycerol, Citruline malate, Nor-Valine and L-Histidine.

Arginine AKG (Alpha-Ketogluterate) has reined supreme among NO (nitric Oxide) enhancers. Arginine AKG is an amino acid that relaxes the blood vessel walls allowing for more blood flow and oxygen to your working muscles. Arginine AKG is not only a NO ingredient. It has also been shown to elevate growth hormone levels, promote insulin secretion, and speed recovery from trauma experienced during muscle tearing workouts.

GPLC (glycine propionyl l-carnitine) is a molecular-bonded form of propionyl-L-carnitine and the amino acid glycine. GPLC is an exciting new supplement with seemingly limitless uses. This supercharged form of L-Carnitine was first used to treat cardiovascular problems by increasing blood supply to the heart. Not a bad trait for exercise minded individuals wanting to prolong intense bouts of exercise. GPLC is far more than just a “pump” supplement. It is effective at boosting energy levels and acts as a shuttle service for ATP carrying fatty acids. In addition, it is an antioxidant, removing toxins from cell mitochondria and has even been shown to improve sexual function.

There are several types of Glycerol, however Glycerol Monosterate (GMS) has been found to be the most beneficial to bodybuilders because of its ability to elevate blood plasma volume by increasing intra-muscular fluid.

Citruline Malate is a nonessential amino acid and is a precursor to both Arginine and Ornithine. Citruline increases athletic performance by increasing blood flow and oxygen delivery to skeletal muscles. Acting as a detoxifying agent Citruline also helps remove ammonia and lactate from the blood.

The amino acid L-Norvaline is a inhibitor of arginase. When you inhibit arginase, NO is produced continuously at a higher rate in the presence of NOS and adequate L-arginine supplementation. L-arginine is the limiting factor for NO production from NOS. By combining Norvaline and Arginine you are inhibiting arginase and effectively increasing the production of NO.

L-Histidine is an essential amino acid that cannot be formed by other nutrients therefore it must be present in the diet. Histidine is the precursor to the allergy symptom reducing hormone. Histidine works synergistically with Arginine by stimulating the expansion of the blood vessel walls. Histidine is also an antioxidant removing excess metals built up within the cells and aids in the growth and repair of tissues.

Kre-Ex BCAA Primer Fusion
Valine, Leucine, and Isoleucine are Branch Chain Amino Acids or BCAA’s. These amino acids are essential to an athlete’s supplement regime. BCAA’s prevent the breakdown of muscle tissue during intense bouts of exercise by acting as a source of fuel when muscle glycogen is depleted. When glycogen levels begin to deplete the body uses these amino acids as fuel. It can either strip skeletal muscle tissue for amino acids or get them from the blood stream should they be ingested pre-workout. Which would you prefer? BCAA’s can also help to maintain muscle mass in athletes or bodybuilders consuming a diet low in carbohydrates and/or fats.

Beta-Alanine is a non-essential amino acid and is the only naturally occurring beta-amino acid. When we exercise our bodies become more acidic. As acidity increases, the ability to produce force decreases. Beta-Alanine is prized for its ability to boost the synthesis of carnosine. Carnosine helps fight the build up of lactic acid by soaking up excess hydrogen being released during exercise. By keeping acidity levels low and balancing PH, Beta-Alanine helps maintain maximal strength and endurance throughout your workout session.

An added benefit of Beta-Alanine is its use as a vasodiolator. Bring on the pumps!

L-Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid found in the body. It is classified as a nonessential amino acid; meaning the body can manufacture it from other substances. However there are times when supplementing with glutamine should be considered essential like during intense bouts of weight training when it is increased in demand.

Glutamine is an anti-catabolic or muscle preserving substance. By preventing muscle breakdown during exercise Glutamine can enhance overall muscle gains. Glutamine is also used to boost immune system and can increase growth hormone output.

There are several reasons to supplement with Vitamin C. Pre-workout supplementation can increase your immune system and buffer production of the hormone cortisol while the body is under stress.

Kre-Ex Driven Focus Fusion
Caffeine is a tried and true pre workout standby known for its ability to increase energy and anaerobic capacity while eliminating feelings of drowsiness.

Yerba Mate is an extract from tea, it provides increases in energy and performance without over stimulating the adrenal glands. The result is a sustained “no buzz” energy that lasts for hours.

Ginseng has been used for centuries as a stimulant and aphrodisiac. Ginseng boosts your cardiovascular, immune and nervous systems, helps increase feelings of strength and endurance by enhancing the function of your adrenal glands during workouts.

Vitamin B12 is needed to convert carbohydrates into glucose in the body, thus leading to energy production and a decrease in fatigue and lethargy in the body. It helps in healthy regulation of the nervous system, reducing depression and stress.

Just making it to the gym isn’t enough. You need to have the focus and energy to put in work while you are there. The driven focus fusion ensures that after a scoop of Kre-Ex you will feel like moving some weight and will be able to stay centered on the task in front of you. Kre-Ex is the ultimate preworkout mass maker. You do not want to slam down loads of stimulants when your trying to add muscle! Your heart rate should be elevated because your working your ass off, not because to took to much caffeine!

Kre-Ex Quick Start Infusion
DEXTROSE is a simple or fast carbohydrate. It is ideal for fueling your workout sessions and aiding in recovery. Dextrose shuttles your pre workout nutrients to the muscles and promotes vitamin absorption and proper growth.

At Titan we went over the top with the creation of this latest version in the Kre-Ex legacy. Try Kre-Ex, experience the results, and never go back to your old pre workout again. is checkmate to other wannabe pre-workout drinks.

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