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HGH Up & Free Test Stack BSN Mass Stack Lipo-Shred Weight Loss Stack
List Price: $139.98
Our Price: $79.99
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Applied Nutriceuticals HGH-Up & Free Test Stack BSN Mass Stack Titan Nutrition Lipo-Shred Weight Loss Stack
What is HGH Up?

HGH Up is Applied Nutraceuticals' first "Hybrid Anabolic" support product.

What Makes HGH Up Such a Powerful GH Booster:

• Supports Increased in serum HGH production in the pituitary
• Supports healthy levels of somatastatin (a hormone that limits GH production)
• Peripheral actions promote natural testosterone production
• Promotes Increased androgen receptor structure, function and number

Why Should You Buy HGH Up?

We use the word ‘Increase’ especially when talking about HGH Up. Because that’s what it does. It increases muscle mass, strength, better skin tone and night’s sleep; it even helps with recovery of injuries and physical stress from training! As we say, “ If you can’t grow with this stuff- you need a new hobby!”

What is Free Test?

Free Test is a state-of-the-art formulation that utilizes 7 different mechanisms of action to increase testosterone, lower estrogen and cortisol, burn body fat, and build a leaner, more muscular physique.

What Makes Free Test the Strongest Test on the Market?

Free Test contains a strong suicide inhibitor of the aromatase enzyme, which gives the product the ability to increase testosterone, eliminate estrogen, and to significantly harden the physique.

• Proven to raise free testosterone levels over 90% (cite our pilot study) in clinical blood tests, providing a formula that has been scientifically-proven to work!

Why Should I Buy Free Test?

Because there is no substitute for research and proven results. Other companies make big claims, but have little or nothing to back them up. The numbers speak for themselves; as do the thousands of satisfied users who rave about it.

What’s Better Than A Pro-Hormone? Free Test!

The prohormone ban has come and gone. Yeah, there are a few still out there…the ones nobody wants because they don’t work. There might be a few dirty compounds floating around the internet from some shady companies too – and they’re not even remotely worth the risk. So what’s a guy who looking for real, hardcore gains supposed to do now?

Enter the era of the hANh (Hybrid Anabolic / Near Hormonal); which is defined as a product that engages a synchronization of natural and exogenous factors to produce a pronounced anabolic and hormonal response. The distinct advantage of a hANh is that the user is able to obtain maximal physiological benefits comparable to that of fully hormonal products while minimizing potential side effects and disruption of endogenous factors post-usage. Applied Nutriceuticals pioneered this product category with HGH Up and now takes it a step further with Free Test.

Free Test cranks your testosterone levels like no other product because it hits the problem from two separate directions: On one hand it focuses on decreasing the body’s mechanisms that lower endogenous (natural) testosterone production – the most prominent one being cortisol. On the other hand it increases the testicular output of testosterone. The net result? An exponential improvement in the Anabolic / Catabolic Ratio (the proportion of Testosterone vs. Cortisol) – and even more importantly - it targets increases in the amount of free (direct) testosterone, which is unbound and readily available to exert it’s anabolic effects on your body! And that, my friends, is what directly leads to huge increases in massive, rock-hard muscle.

Here’s the best part: Free Test IS NOT A PROHORMONE nor does it convert to any hormone - so it is completely safe.

So, if you were bummed when the prohormone ban went down…don’t be. We’ve got you covered.

Here’s a little of the “techie” stuff about how it works:

Free Test positively alters 7 homeostatic mechanisms of action that effect free and total testosterone output:

• Contains a natural suicide inhibitor of aromatase, and will improve the Testosterone : Estrogen (T:E) profile while concurrently increasing testosterone levels

• Increases NO/cGMP levels, which leads to increases in lutenizing hormone (LH) and greater endogenous testosterone production.

• Increases testicular Acetyl L-Carnitine (ALCAR) levels. High testicular ALCAR levels are conducive to heightened spermatogenesis.

• Lowers levels of cytokines IL-6, IL-1, and TNF-alpha- cytokines, which inhibit endogenous testosterone production by reducing levels of LH.

• Lowers cortisol levels and heightens Testosterone : Cortisol (T:C) ratio via competitive inhibition processes.

• Increases cAMP levels, which also increase LH levels.

• Influences/Increases androgen receptor (AR) binding via altering receptor electro-negativity.

After 8 weeks of usage of Free Test test subjects were observed to have increased levels of free testosterone ranging from 50-200% over baseline. Impressive results for any product – especially one with no negative side effects! Furthermore, the subjective feedback from the Free Test beta testers was nothing short of amazing. Within the first week users experienced feeling more motivated and assertive with shirt-splitting pumps, big-time strength increases, and revved up libido…all within the first week!
The BSN Mass Stack consists of:

50 Servings CellMass 2.0

60 Servings NO-Xplode

90 Tab size of Nitrix 2.0

Plus a 10-Serving Supply of Amino X
Weight Loss Stack