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L-CARNITINE is a liquid based stimulant free supplement typically used to help promote muscular energy and fat burning. L-Carnitine is an amino acid that helps convert fatty acids to be used as a fuel source (which promotes muscular energy). This process not only promotes muscular energy but also fat loss and lean muscle growth. L-Carnitine is stimulant free and perfect to stack alongside a stimulant fat burner and other weight management products to enhance results.

Delicious flavors – L-Carnitine Liquid isn’t just another liquid carnitine on the market in boring Fruit Punch and Vanilla… we took these flavors to the next level in typical MAN Sports fashion! You gotta enjoy what you’re drinking daily if you want to stick to your supplement regimen and get results! 


Q: What is L-Carnitine and what does it do?
A: L-Carnitine is an amino acid that is typically used to help promote muscular energy and fat burning as it converts fatty acids to be used as a fuel source.

Q: Is L-Carnitine a stimulant?
A: No, L-Carnitine is a stimulant free supplement. This makes L-Carnitine an ideal product to stack alongside a stimulant fat burner like our product Scorch!

Q: How do I take Liquid L-Carnitine?
A: You can simply take it by itself (a quick shot) or mix it in with your favorite beverage or juice.


As L-Carnitine is a stimulant free product, it stacks easily with nearly all of our fat loss and weight management products. You could start with something simple like Scorch Powder + L-Carnitine or ramp it up for advanced results with Scorch Powder + L-Carnitine + CLA Powder + Yohimbine HCI + REM PM. Hit up our Live Chat representatives on to find out what’s best for your goals!

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