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INpulse Non-stim Pre-Workout

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20/40 servings

High-energy products aren’t going to be the best fit for everybody—and that’s OK to admit! What’s not OK is being completely excluded from the pre-workout world. That’s why we created INpulse, a non-stimulant pump supplement you should take every day to give you the benefits of increased blood flow, oxygen, nutrients, and focus—without any of the tingles (so go ahead and feed that impulse decision to work out at 9 p.m.; this pre-workout won’t keep you up all night). INpulse is so adaptable that it even comes in an Unflavored version, so you can add it to your beverage of choice: water, juice, tea, you name it. Or there’s Watermelon, for those who can’t be trusted to whip up their own concoctions.