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Tired of spending your money on glutamine, BCAAs, etc. with minimal results? Studies prove that glutamine does not absorb past your intestines and BCAAs do not address the full range of amino acids that your muscles require.

  • Peptide amino acids absorb quicker and more efficiently than other amino acids.
  • Derived from whole food sourced EAAs and a full dose of 5 grams of 2:1:1 vegan BCAAs.
  • Uses a specifically studied ratio of BCAAs and EAAs in synergy for optimal muscle performance.
  • Contains CoffeeBerry™ which aids in amino acid transport and muscle pumps by increasing insulin sensitivity.
  • Includes a full 2 grams serving of the university studies mushroom blend, Peak O2, for enhanced energy, power and endurance.
  • Features Albion Labs Calci-K for superior electrolyte saturation.
  • Lowers cortisol for greater muscle development and loss of body fat.
  • An ALL IN ONE amino acid solution.



Number of servings

25 servings


Cherry Lemon Rush, Blue Razzberry Ice


PÜRPEPTIDE® is the most stable and efficiently absorbed amino acid on the market.

Why is it the most stable and efficiently absorbed amino acid?

Whole protein amino acids consist mainly of di and tri peptide bonded amino acids. These double and triple bonded aminos ensure superior absorption and bioavailability. Further, these aminos are derived from whey protein isolate that has been hydrolyzed to over 90 %, thus delivering high % of di and tri peptide bonded aminos.

Why is the peptide % so high in PÜRPEPTIDE®?

PÜRPEPTIDE® utilizes a groundbreaking enzymatic technology called Native Zyme®, that has been university studied, to increase protein and amino usability up to 300%!!! This enhances muscle protein synthesis for great muscle building achievement and superior muscle recovery.

Why include BCAAs (branched chain amino acids) into the formula?

While there’s questionable efficacy in how BCAA’s perform by themselves, when combined with EAA’s derived from whey, the absorption and amino acid expression have been proven to be optimal.

Where are the BCAAs sourced from?

PÜRPEPTIDE® BCAAs are vegan sourced, utilizing the Instamino’s trademark from Compound Solutions. A lot of BCAAs and aminos in general, are sourced from duck feathers, beaks and human hair. Nutristat® takes the extra step in providing the most pure, clean, vegan sourced BCAA’s without those impurities.

How does PÜRPEPTIDE® differentiate from other aminos on the market?

PÜRPEPTIDE® contains a bioactive structure of EAAs combined with a full efficacious dose of 2:1:1 vegan source BCAAs. This product becomes more than just an amino acid supplement. It is a true muscle building and lean muscle sparing performance powerhouse. With the addition of Peak 02, Coffeeberry and Albion Labs Chelated Minerals, PÜRPEPTIDE® takes the science of muscle building and performance nutrition to new boundaries.

Most every amino acid product on the market is structured in “free form” rather than peptide bonded and as such lacks the solubility and skeletal muscle absorption that the peptides provide.

How does this compare to a BCAA product?

There are two main differences. One, PÜRPEPTIDE ® has superior absorption due to its peptide bonded amino acids. Also, it is representative of the full amino acid range which your muscle requires and not just the three branched chain amino acids. Our muscles are comprised of more than just BCAAs and an athlete’s body requires such full restoration.

When should you take Pur Peptide®? And how many servings of Pur Peptide® is in one bottle?

PÜRPEPTIDE® is an overall anti catabolic and muscle building aid, that can be used before (pre), and/or during (intra) a workout. It is also a great compliment to your diet, sipping on during the day to stave off muscle catabolism.

PÜRPEPTIDE® contains about 25 servings.

What else makes Pur Peptide® stand out?

It contains Coffeeberry which is a potent antioxidant and insulinagenic compound. As such Coffeeberry fights free radical damage done to your body thus providing anti-aging and immune system benefits. Since it is also insulinagenic, it increases the absorption and storage of amino acids and the body’s metabolic rate naturally.

It also contains a proprietary mushroom blend, Peak02. Peak02 has been scientifically developed to increase performance and power as well as endurance.