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Pro Wrist Wraps

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• Patented 1.75” wide cotton WristWrap stabilizes the wrist joint with adjustable but gentle pressure, keeping the wrist in the proper position while training.

• Heavy duty stretch panels along the back of the hand and in between the fingers enhance flexibility, comfort and fit, while improving breathability.

• Abrasion resistant leather on the palm maximizes glove wear.

• Short finger length for a natural feel and increased contact with the lifting surface. 

If you are truly uncertain as to your size, measure the circumference of your flat hand at the knuckles and use the chart below:

Small - 7.0-7.5
Medium - 7.5-8.0
Large - 8.0-8.5
Extra Large - 8.5-9.5
Extra Extra Large - 9.5-10.0