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Stage One

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25 Servings per container

Stage One may have a new look and refreshed formula, but this flagship product continues to provide the same quality results and ingredients you’ve come to expect from Clean Victory. Meant to be an all-in-one boost for your morning or afternoon workout, Stage One gives you the mental focus, energy, endurance, blood flow, and pump—plus a moderate dose of the tingles, of course—to enhance any gym sesh, whether you’re a fitness newbie or a seasoned athlete; a cardio king or lifting legend. Translation: You really can’t go wrong with this OG. Available in the flavors Tropic Kick, Cotton Candy, and current crowd-favorite Blueberry Lemonade, there’s a taste everyone will love. It’s a true “people’s pre-workout” that appeals to the masses (hey, being a people-pleaser isn’t always a bad thing).