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-Thinner was meticulously formulated to initiate the fat burning process by freeing up the fatty acids located within fat cells, causing them to be released into the blood stream, allowing for the following to take place.

-The use of Acetyl L Carnitine aids in this process by shuttling the fat cells through your body to be oxydized and turned into an energy source that your body will use as fuel throughout the day.

-The combination of Carnitine along with "Thinners" Lipotropic blend have been shown in clinical studies to not only cause your body to utilize the fat cells as an energy source, but to also cause your body to actually "flush" the excess fatty tissue through your system and eventually excreted from your body.

-Appetite suppression is a vital component to any effective fat burning product. Suppressing your appetite will be of great significance in curbing your cravings for snack foods that are so counter productive to your weight loss goals. However, the negative effect of appetite suppression is the possibility that you may not take in enough protein and other vital nutrients to sustain your muscle tissue while your body is in the fat burning phase.Muscle tissue burns calories, so the less muscle you retain, the less calories you will burn. To combat this potential tissue, and to aid your body in retaining its valuable muscle tissue, we have added HICA to the formula as HICA is the most powerful muscle sparing ingredient on the market. The addition of this "muscle sparing powerhouse" will certainly maximize your fat loss results by protecting your hard earned lean muscle tissue from being wasted away by your body as fuel, thereby causing your body to only burn the unwanted fatty tissue as fuel. 

Flavor: Blue Razz

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